Friends and family came together to share their stories and love

Rich Brooks

Former University of Oregon Athletic Director and head football coach Rich Brooks spoke of his longtime professional and personal relationship with Brian Lanker.

AUDIO: What a few folks had to say …

Rich Brooks

Peter Cary

Rich Clarkson

John Frook

Don Latarski

Allen Dutton

Bill Young

Brian Lamb

Don Latarski toast

Dustin Lanker

Cindy Carlson

Dave Kayfes

David Friend

David Friend, a Vanity Fair editor, spoke of working with Lanker on Life assignments.

David Friend

George McGuinness

Greg Ahlijian

Joanna Newnham

Kimberly Ware

Pete Helzer

Richard Hardie

Rosanne Olson

Spencer Latarski

Tim Arnold

Tom Malarkey for Nicole

Don Latarski closing remarks

Dave Emery and Lynda Lanker

Retired Register-Guard copy editor Dave Emery embraces Lynda Lanker at a end of a luncheon hosted by Eugene restauranteurs Gianni Barofsky and Beppe Macchi at the La Perla Pizzeria.

— Audio files produced and edited by DON and SPENCER LATARSKI

— Photographs by CARL DAVAZ

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