245 photographs made then and in more recent years by the newspaper’s staff photographers.

  1. Thank you ~ For all the timeless moments revealed by a team of gifted story tellers &
    compassionate human beings. You make me proud to say I am an American, and part of the historic landscape of great photographic imagery.

  2. […] of photography at The Capital-Journal during that golden era in Kansas. (A portfolio was posted on 20 in the Car, a tribute to Mr. Clarkson organized last year by Mr. […]

  3. Rich…I remember when Brian showed the K-State students his Pulitzer-Prize-winning birth series accompanied with the music “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and to this day I see in my mind’s eye Brian showing those photos with pride and the students with an awe in their eyes. And then I think of the incalculable mentoring you did for the great photographers including the ones I knew: Bill Snead, Gary Settle, Perry Riddle, Rod Hanna, Berne Ketchum, Jim Richardson, among others. We’ve lost a great one with the death of Brian.