“I am sure that he was there in spirit”

Editor’s note: Delmar’s daughter, Karen, sent this e-mail message to Rich earlier in the week. It’s posted here with permission.

Delmar Schmidt

Dear Rich,

I cannot imagine that you’ve come down from the lofty cloud that was produced after your amazing and adoring team of mentored photographers bestowed such a fabulous tribute to you in Eugene, Oregon last week. However, you may have, and you are now enjoying the memories of it all.

I look at the Cap-Jo online every day, from my home in Charlottesville, VA, where I’ve lived for 13 years and have been working as a UVa professor in Psychology. I was very touched and surprised by the lovely story that was published about you and your celebration events organized by Brian Lanker on Sunday. So wonderful.

I have also been deeply moved, repeatedly, upon seeing the inclusion of Dad in all of the photos, montages, and festivities in the celebration of your amazing career. Reviewing these photos is like I’m reliving the many work-related stories he would come home and tell us after a long day of work at the Cap-Jo. All of these captured moments are very special to me, and to my brothers and my sons as well. We all miss Dad, and Grandpa, and it is very sweet that you all remember Delmar so fondly. I am sure that he was there in spirit, as he would not have missed this event!

Thank you again for making my dad’s professional experience at The Topeka Capital-Journal a truly rewarding one. I have always been grateful to my dad for instilling such a strong work ethic in me. I have no doubt that Dad’s work standards of excellence were honed in part by you, and this in turn was passed along to his children.

Best wishes,
Karen Schmidt
Charlottesville, VA

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